Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tactless Tony turns Thursday triumphant

Unfortunately the work that was scheduled for Monday has dragged on somewhat.
It seems Tactless Tony had had a rather heavy weekend. He didn't show up until Tuesday and even then the sight of him was rather unnerving!
Anyway, yesterday the job got completed and Lady Grantham was able to put the new en suite to the test:))
After the stress of today's busy school run, a spot of light yoga was exactly what one needed.
Ahhhhhhhh. All that stretching and deep breathing had defiantly blown any cobwebs out. Eloise let her Lady know that the bath was now ready.

"Oh I can't wait to try out that brand new, extra large tub" she sighed.

"This is bliss" she said.
The long soak erased troubled thoughts and the heavenly scent of pink pearly bath bombs eased any aching muscles.
After realising that she rather resembled an over wrinkly prune, Lady Grantham hauled herself from the bubbly bliss.
"Money well spent even if I do say so myself!" she exclaimed.
(obviously the fact that there was still another ten rooms to decorate and renew had been erased too;)
♥ Treat someone you know to hot bath very soon ♥
Best wishes 

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  1. I love the bathroom, what lovely modern plumbing Lady Grantham has!


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