Monday, 12 March 2012

One man and his shed

Hello everyone
How are you? Good I hope :)
Down here in the south west activities are still being focused on outside, despite the seemingly never ending rain.
Lady Grantham had the not so enviable job of shed sorting on Sunday.
John Drake the gardener had been badgering our Lady about finding the time to come and see one of the out buildings.
More space is always needed especially with the advancing numbers of livestock to look after.
So armed with Her 'outdoorsy' clothes on, May Grantham edged painfully towards the scene of the

"Good lord! What a mess old chap" she exclaimed.
Never in her life had she seen such grotty disorganization. This place really was the stuff of nightmares!
Left over buckets, garden tools strewn about and to top it all off, it appeared someone had dumped a load of building materials off too!

Lady G quivered as she stepped inside one of the buildings.
"How can one allow oneself to hoard such things?" she thought to herself.
Sack after sack, un-recycleable junk was deposited in a very sad looking heap that awaited the tip.

"Rumour has it the previous owners were car boot enthusiasts." stated John the Gardner.
"Of course, idontspect you know what thatis 'Me Lady" he said.
And so the morning was taken over with tales of cheap buys, finding treasure and mingling with Jo public very early on a Sunday.
"This car boot malarkey sounds awful 'said Lady Grantham.
I must have a car take me there first thing tomorrow! She said.
"Of course" said the gardener, "I'll arrange it now'.
It's addictive only takes one time and You'll be hooked!"
He shouted after her.
Lady Grantham was long gone though. Sipping tea whilst dreaming of tomorrow's bargains and dealings with small change.

I do love a good car boot don't you?
Huge hugs


  1. I do love a good car boot! And the ladybird too!

  2. Sophie here i love car boots and thank you for doing another entry i really like it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Hi all!!!!
    Thanks heaps for the comments-I love hearing what you think;)))
    Sophie-its great to hear from you!!!!
    Hopefully we can meet again soon at another wooly festival lol!!
    Have a great day at school :)))


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