Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spring has sprung!

Yes you read right folks, today the sun managed to give us a sneaky peak of what we've got to come in the way of gorgeous spring weather.
The morning started early at no 27 pretentious pre-fab. Whilst getting dressed, Lady Grantham felt a sudden urge to be outside. The temperature has warmed up considerably of late and one felt quite liberated just dashing out the door without the hassle of putting on coats, hats and scarfs.
And although one enjoys the inevitable hibernation of winter, it can seem very bleak and dreary. The same stagnant smell of non activity does little for ones senses.
So with this impulse to be outside, came the childlike game of hunting down some very missed country like smells. Our Lady longed for those spring-time aromas. Cut grass, fresh washing drying in the breeze and newly pruned blooms to dress the table.
After persuading an extremely distressed laundry maid that it really was ok for one to hang out their own personal belongings, Lady Grantham breathed deeply and inhaled the fresh, crisp scent of the sun drying clothes.

As the bedclothes flipped and flapped in the bright early breeze all her thoughts were headed towards bedtime and the heaven scent gift of a fresh, clean bed :))
On her way back from the washing line she came across John Drake the Gardener.

A longtime family friend, his love for the outdoors is never ending. Constantly tidying, pruning and planting he never seems to tire of his occupation.
After they'd exchanged conversation about Alan the local stray cat (who was busy hitching a lift in the wheelbarrow), John was more than happy to supply some fresh blooms for the family table.

Lady Grantham was aware that it must be nearly time for elevenses but before she walked back down to the house she managed to grab ten more minuets of precious 'me' time to read her very old and precious book.
A gift from her grandfather when she was a little girl, it really sets the scene for many a sunny day to come.

And may the sunny weather continue to shine wherever you are ♥
Best wishes


  1. Lady Grantham and I share a similar taste in decor and books! I have the same plaid throw and just bought a copy of "Life in the English Country House:A Social and Architectural History" at the used bookstore. Can't wait to see what else we have in common! :)


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