Thursday, 12 January 2012

January Blues........

Hi all!!!!
Really hoping everyones ok and enjoying being part of a brand new year!!!
Before I tell you about the latest goings on at Dullton, I just want to say a MASSIVE,  HUGE, GINORMOUS ******T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U****** to all of the lovely people that are following my blog.
I love getting new followers and it makes me feel extremely happy when someone takes the time to leave a comment ♥
May our Playmobil love spread throughout the world!!!!!

Ok so......... this week Lady Grantham was very much looking forward to a girlie date with her sister Sybil.
With Sybil being what you would describe as a 'free spirit', the two sisters sadly don't see much of each other:(((
Sybil's passion in life is travelling and she has just come back from spending Christmas and new year in Australia!!
Lady May so enjoys listening to her sisters tales, being particularly interested with Christmas day being spent on the beach.....what a Revelation!!!!!!
So, on a very wet and windy night, the girls got a car down to the town to enjoy the delights of The Circus!!!!
Eloise the maid had been sure to book only the best seats for the girls and they were not disappointed!
Here they are. Enjoying extra large amounts of ice-cream:)))
Lady Grantham was glad of her cashmere bobble hat as the big top tent was rather draughty.
And doesn't Sybil's hair look incredibly light? No doubt its from all that Aussie sunshine!!!
The first show in the ring was the tightrope. 
'Goodness Sybil what fearless chaps they are!' said Lady Grantham.
'And what amazing balance too,
I wouldn't mind having a go at that myself sometime soon' she said!
'No offence sis, but I cant see Lord Grantham taking too kindly to the Lycra catsuit he'd have to wear!'
'Nonsense Sybil, your brother-in-law can be very open minded.' :))))))
Soon enough it was time for the interval. The snack lady came round with various treats for sale on her tray whilst the clowns did their best to entertain at the same time.
Bags of popcorn and hotdogs were enjoyed by all but soon enough it was time for the show to end.
'What a wonderful night out' said Lady Grantham.
'Mind you, it wouldn't have been have as good if you weren't here to share it with me Sybil.' ♥♥♥
And as the Lady's hopped into the car, they were rather hoping Mrs Packmore the chef would be still awake to make them one of her amazing hot chocolates before bed:))))
Lets hope January brings something exciting your way too!!!
Best wishes

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  1. What an exciting and fabulous evening out. I'm sure Lord Grantham would look extremely dashing in a catsuit.


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