Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi all!!!!
WOWZERS...........2012 is here already. Things are far from perfect here on planet earth but I cant help but think how lucky we are to have another year here. Another year to love more, share more and care more. Lets make 2012 a year to reach dreams, goals and eternal happiness ♥

There's a quiet calm floating around the Abbey today. Last nights events were really something else!
The Grantham's New Years Eve Ball started off with a banquet for their most nearest and dearest. A bit like a wedding really. Although the Grantham's know stacks of people (who were all invited to the ball) only a handful were requested to dine.
The finest food was served and the conversation flowed smoothly. Mrs Packmore the cook had made a HUGE vat of alcoholic punch to which everyone was to help themselves.
Of course some had more than others!
'Steady on Lord Grantham said Lady Matoaka, 'the night is still young!'
Long lost friends took the time to catch up and kindred spirits were reunited. Lady Flora McAngus mingled with the locals, still glued to her beloved bottle of whisky. Everyone admired her outfit and she was happy to tell them all about the tartan clan that is associated with her family.
The courtyard below was somewhat of a quieter affair. Ladies gathered outside powdering rooms to compare outfits and hairstyles.
 'One has to go to so much effort to present themselves at an event such as this' said Dutchess Roena. 
'Yes I agree' said Countess Slyvenia. 'My tailor has been sewing sequins on to this dress for literally months!'
Eloise and Anna the head maids brought tray after tray of hors d'oeuvre's.
The most sumptuous sweets were served and a never ending supply of bottled beers got handed out.

Eloise lingered slightly longer than usual though whilst supplying the band with drinks. The groovy looking guitar guy was rather taken with her and telephone numbers were exchanged ♥♥♥
The band had many admirers. They were a rather 'contemporary' choice for the evenings entertainment but the dance floor was packed! Groovy tunes and funky beats made sure everyone got 'down':)))
Talking of dancing, the celebrations carried on well into the early hours. With out pointing the finger at anyone in particular, nearly all the group activities were suggested by Lady Flora. The Conga was no exception! With Playmo's snaking from floor to floor and the sound of riotous laughter to be heard from far far away, this really had to be the best party ever! 
Lord and lady Grantham made a deal earlier on in the day to make sure that when midnight came, they wouldn't be without each other.
The yearly ritual to be together when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve has never been broken since they got married.
Whilst everyone else stood on the bustling balcony with a glass raised to new beginnings and fresh starts, the two of them stood alone under the Christmas tree.
This was a moment for just the two of them.
'Happy New Year darling' said Lord Grantham.
'I cant wait to spend another 365 days with the most beautiful woman in the world!'
Happy New year friends!!!
Love and light to you all


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment, and a Happy New Year to you :) xxx


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