Monday, 12 March 2012

One man and his shed

Hello everyone
How are you? Good I hope :)
Down here in the south west activities are still being focused on outside, despite the seemingly never ending rain.
Lady Grantham had the not so enviable job of shed sorting on Sunday.
John Drake the gardener had been badgering our Lady about finding the time to come and see one of the out buildings.
More space is always needed especially with the advancing numbers of livestock to look after.
So armed with Her 'outdoorsy' clothes on, May Grantham edged painfully towards the scene of the

"Good lord! What a mess old chap" she exclaimed.
Never in her life had she seen such grotty disorganization. This place really was the stuff of nightmares!
Left over buckets, garden tools strewn about and to top it all off, it appeared someone had dumped a load of building materials off too!

Lady G quivered as she stepped inside one of the buildings.
"How can one allow oneself to hoard such things?" she thought to herself.
Sack after sack, un-recycleable junk was deposited in a very sad looking heap that awaited the tip.

"Rumour has it the previous owners were car boot enthusiasts." stated John the Gardner.
"Of course, idontspect you know what thatis 'Me Lady" he said.
And so the morning was taken over with tales of cheap buys, finding treasure and mingling with Jo public very early on a Sunday.
"This car boot malarkey sounds awful 'said Lady Grantham.
I must have a car take me there first thing tomorrow! She said.
"Of course" said the gardener, "I'll arrange it now'.
It's addictive only takes one time and You'll be hooked!"
He shouted after her.
Lady Grantham was long gone though. Sipping tea whilst dreaming of tomorrow's bargains and dealings with small change.

I do love a good car boot don't you?
Huge hugs

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tactless Tony turns Thursday triumphant

Unfortunately the work that was scheduled for Monday has dragged on somewhat.
It seems Tactless Tony had had a rather heavy weekend. He didn't show up until Tuesday and even then the sight of him was rather unnerving!
Anyway, yesterday the job got completed and Lady Grantham was able to put the new en suite to the test:))
After the stress of today's busy school run, a spot of light yoga was exactly what one needed.
Ahhhhhhhh. All that stretching and deep breathing had defiantly blown any cobwebs out. Eloise let her Lady know that the bath was now ready.

"Oh I can't wait to try out that brand new, extra large tub" she sighed.

"This is bliss" she said.
The long soak erased troubled thoughts and the heavenly scent of pink pearly bath bombs eased any aching muscles.
After realising that she rather resembled an over wrinkly prune, Lady Grantham hauled herself from the bubbly bliss.
"Money well spent even if I do say so myself!" she exclaimed.
(obviously the fact that there was still another ten rooms to decorate and renew had been erased too;)
♥ Treat someone you know to hot bath very soon ♥
Best wishes 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spring has sprung!

Yes you read right folks, today the sun managed to give us a sneaky peak of what we've got to come in the way of gorgeous spring weather.
The morning started early at no 27 pretentious pre-fab. Whilst getting dressed, Lady Grantham felt a sudden urge to be outside. The temperature has warmed up considerably of late and one felt quite liberated just dashing out the door without the hassle of putting on coats, hats and scarfs.
And although one enjoys the inevitable hibernation of winter, it can seem very bleak and dreary. The same stagnant smell of non activity does little for ones senses.
So with this impulse to be outside, came the childlike game of hunting down some very missed country like smells. Our Lady longed for those spring-time aromas. Cut grass, fresh washing drying in the breeze and newly pruned blooms to dress the table.
After persuading an extremely distressed laundry maid that it really was ok for one to hang out their own personal belongings, Lady Grantham breathed deeply and inhaled the fresh, crisp scent of the sun drying clothes.

As the bedclothes flipped and flapped in the bright early breeze all her thoughts were headed towards bedtime and the heaven scent gift of a fresh, clean bed :))
On her way back from the washing line she came across John Drake the Gardener.

A longtime family friend, his love for the outdoors is never ending. Constantly tidying, pruning and planting he never seems to tire of his occupation.
After they'd exchanged conversation about Alan the local stray cat (who was busy hitching a lift in the wheelbarrow), John was more than happy to supply some fresh blooms for the family table.

Lady Grantham was aware that it must be nearly time for elevenses but before she walked back down to the house she managed to grab ten more minuets of precious 'me' time to read her very old and precious book.
A gift from her grandfather when she was a little girl, it really sets the scene for many a sunny day to come.

And may the sunny weather continue to shine wherever you are ♥
Best wishes

Friday, 24 February 2012

Time for a change

Hi all :))
The pace at 'no 27 pretentious pre-fab' has picked up considerably!
Lady Grantham has ceased her sulking and finally decided to set the wheels in motion.
"I suppose there's no point in complaining" she said to a very patient Eloise.
"But just look at the state of it in here! A shower of which the likes I have never seen before and NO bath! "

So eager was our Lady to get this dated wash room sorted, she even offered to help Eloise the head maid clear away the elevenses! My how things have changed around here!
"Get on to that builder would you my dear- the one who updated the loft at Dullton."
"Super strange guy if I ever did meet one but quality workmanship all the same! Lets hope hes had the operation to remove that blasted mobile phone from his hand too-confounded nuisance if ever I saw one."
After much village gossip and several cups of extremely strong tea, Lady Grantham managed to show Tony her plans for the bathroom.

"well its gonna cost ya luv" he said.
"mind you ur sort ent short of a bob or two r ya!"
"Quite" replied Lady Grantham whilst blushing heavily.
And so it was left that tactless Tony would reappear on Monday to strip and fit the new bathroom.
"What a morning!" she thought whilst admiring her reflection in the mirror.

Isn't it wonderful that some things never change?
Best wishes

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Half term!!!

Hi all:)
It's Been a rather long time since we last got acquainted with the goings on at Dullton Abbey and in the last month a lot has happened.
Since January, Lord and Lady Grantham have had to go into temporary accommodation. Unfortunately the ancient abbey had become structurally unsafe. I'm pleased to report no one was hurt but as one can imagine, the upheaval of it all has taken its toll!
So much so that Lady Grantham can now be seen wearing track suits and jeans! One would never dream of liking this kind of attire pre move but with the new modern (ish) 1960s house comes a new modern Lady G!
Last week was half term and as predicted the weather was abominable. Most of the days activities were spent in the front room.

As you can see, although the room is much much smaller than any of those in the Abbey, what it lacks in space it more than makes up for in atmosphere!
The twins were delighted with their new surroundings and for once played happily in the warm, cheery room :))

Mummy was able to relax with a mug (such wonderful things!) of hot tea and a slab of carrot cake. All washed down with the local paper!

"I could get used to this new way of living" said Lady Grantham!
"Now where's that remote control gone? "
More pictures of the new abode to come. Until then have an amazing day!
Best wishes
Issy x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

January Blues........

Hi all!!!!
Really hoping everyones ok and enjoying being part of a brand new year!!!
Before I tell you about the latest goings on at Dullton, I just want to say a MASSIVE,  HUGE, GINORMOUS ******T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U****** to all of the lovely people that are following my blog.
I love getting new followers and it makes me feel extremely happy when someone takes the time to leave a comment ♥
May our Playmobil love spread throughout the world!!!!!

Ok so......... this week Lady Grantham was very much looking forward to a girlie date with her sister Sybil.
With Sybil being what you would describe as a 'free spirit', the two sisters sadly don't see much of each other:(((
Sybil's passion in life is travelling and she has just come back from spending Christmas and new year in Australia!!
Lady May so enjoys listening to her sisters tales, being particularly interested with Christmas day being spent on the beach.....what a Revelation!!!!!!
So, on a very wet and windy night, the girls got a car down to the town to enjoy the delights of The Circus!!!!
Eloise the maid had been sure to book only the best seats for the girls and they were not disappointed!
Here they are. Enjoying extra large amounts of ice-cream:)))
Lady Grantham was glad of her cashmere bobble hat as the big top tent was rather draughty.
And doesn't Sybil's hair look incredibly light? No doubt its from all that Aussie sunshine!!!
The first show in the ring was the tightrope. 
'Goodness Sybil what fearless chaps they are!' said Lady Grantham.
'And what amazing balance too,
I wouldn't mind having a go at that myself sometime soon' she said!
'No offence sis, but I cant see Lord Grantham taking too kindly to the Lycra catsuit he'd have to wear!'
'Nonsense Sybil, your brother-in-law can be very open minded.' :))))))
Soon enough it was time for the interval. The snack lady came round with various treats for sale on her tray whilst the clowns did their best to entertain at the same time.
Bags of popcorn and hotdogs were enjoyed by all but soon enough it was time for the show to end.
'What a wonderful night out' said Lady Grantham.
'Mind you, it wouldn't have been have as good if you weren't here to share it with me Sybil.' ♥♥♥
And as the Lady's hopped into the car, they were rather hoping Mrs Packmore the chef would be still awake to make them one of her amazing hot chocolates before bed:))))
Lets hope January brings something exciting your way too!!!
Best wishes

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi all!!!!
WOWZERS...........2012 is here already. Things are far from perfect here on planet earth but I cant help but think how lucky we are to have another year here. Another year to love more, share more and care more. Lets make 2012 a year to reach dreams, goals and eternal happiness ♥

There's a quiet calm floating around the Abbey today. Last nights events were really something else!
The Grantham's New Years Eve Ball started off with a banquet for their most nearest and dearest. A bit like a wedding really. Although the Grantham's know stacks of people (who were all invited to the ball) only a handful were requested to dine.
The finest food was served and the conversation flowed smoothly. Mrs Packmore the cook had made a HUGE vat of alcoholic punch to which everyone was to help themselves.
Of course some had more than others!
'Steady on Lord Grantham said Lady Matoaka, 'the night is still young!'
Long lost friends took the time to catch up and kindred spirits were reunited. Lady Flora McAngus mingled with the locals, still glued to her beloved bottle of whisky. Everyone admired her outfit and she was happy to tell them all about the tartan clan that is associated with her family.
The courtyard below was somewhat of a quieter affair. Ladies gathered outside powdering rooms to compare outfits and hairstyles.
 'One has to go to so much effort to present themselves at an event such as this' said Dutchess Roena. 
'Yes I agree' said Countess Slyvenia. 'My tailor has been sewing sequins on to this dress for literally months!'
Eloise and Anna the head maids brought tray after tray of hors d'oeuvre's.
The most sumptuous sweets were served and a never ending supply of bottled beers got handed out.

Eloise lingered slightly longer than usual though whilst supplying the band with drinks. The groovy looking guitar guy was rather taken with her and telephone numbers were exchanged ♥♥♥
The band had many admirers. They were a rather 'contemporary' choice for the evenings entertainment but the dance floor was packed! Groovy tunes and funky beats made sure everyone got 'down':)))
Talking of dancing, the celebrations carried on well into the early hours. With out pointing the finger at anyone in particular, nearly all the group activities were suggested by Lady Flora. The Conga was no exception! With Playmo's snaking from floor to floor and the sound of riotous laughter to be heard from far far away, this really had to be the best party ever! 
Lord and lady Grantham made a deal earlier on in the day to make sure that when midnight came, they wouldn't be without each other.
The yearly ritual to be together when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve has never been broken since they got married.
Whilst everyone else stood on the bustling balcony with a glass raised to new beginnings and fresh starts, the two of them stood alone under the Christmas tree.
This was a moment for just the two of them.
'Happy New Year darling' said Lord Grantham.
'I cant wait to spend another 365 days with the most beautiful woman in the world!'
Happy New year friends!!!
Love and light to you all